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I found your site via  Yahoo!  LookSmart  Radio/media  AOL  MirskyLand
 Google  Excite  MSN  Friend/Email
I have been visiting for  Over 1 year  About a year  About 6 months  A month  A week
Your pages load  Very fast  Fast  Average  Slow  Very slow
I get 'page not found' errors  Often  Occasionally  Never
Which came first The chicken The egg
Navigating this site is  Very easy  Easy  Average  Hard  Very hard
The humor found here is  Excellent  Ok  Not so great
This site could use more  Clean Jokes  Dirty Jokes  Funny Pictures  Other
This site could use less  Clean Jokes  Dirty Jokes  Funny Pictures  Other
I would rate your site a 5 (Best) 4 3 2 1 (Worst)
Banner ads are ok As long as they don't pop up all over As long as they don't hide content Never
If you offered a "No Advertisement" option to make my browsing experience that much more enjoyable, I would consider paying $5 / month $15 - 20 / year I wouldn't pay
Please type any other comments you would like to make, any problems with the site, etc.  I'll do my best to fix them to make the site better.
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