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Ebonics Homework
Leroy is 18 and in the 8th grade. Homework is hard for him.

One day, Leroy got an easy homework assignment. All he had to do was put each of the following vocabulary words in a sentence. Here's what he wrote. (Ebonic style)

1. HOTEL - I gave my girlfriend da crabs and the HOTEL everybody.

2. RECTUM - I had two Cadillacs, but my ol' lady RECTUM both.

3. DISAPPOINTMENT - My parole officer tol me if I miss DISAPPOINTMENT they gonna send me back to the big house.

4. FORECLOSE - If I pay alimony this month, I'll have no money FORECLOSE.

5. CATACOMB - Don King was at the fight the other night, Man, somebody give that CATACOMB.

6. PENIS - I went to da doctor and he handed me a cup and said PENIS.

7. ISRAEL - Alonso tried to sell me a Rolex, I said Man, that looks fake. He said, No, ISRAEL.

8. UNDERMINE - There is a fine lookin' hoe livin' in the apartment UNDERMINE.

9. TRIPOLI - I was gonna buy my old lady a bra but I couldn't find no TRIPOLI.

10. STAIN - My mother-in-law axed if I was STAIN for dinner again.

11. SELDOM - My cousin gave me two tickets to the Knicks game, so I SELDOM.

12. ODYSSEY - I told my bro, you ODYSSEY the tits on this hoe.

13. HORDE - My sister got into trouble because she HORDE around in school.

14. INCOME - I just got in bed wit dis hoe and INCOME my wife.

15. HONOR - At the rape trial, the judge axed my buddy, who be HONOR first?

16. FORTIFY - I axed da hoe how much? And she say FORTIFY.

17. DICTATE - Hey girl! How my DICTATE? (A NEW ENTRY sent to me by a fan who wishes to remain nameless)


Once again Leroy was asked to do a simple homework assignment. Still befuddled by the whole school thing, Leroy is a trooper. He was given another set of vocabulary words to use in sentences. Here's what he handed in:

1. HONOR ROLL - We was playin poker on the stoop the other day, man I was HONOROLL.

2. PLANET - I got me some seed to grow weed, so I PLANET in the backyard.

3. DISMAY - I went for a blood test, the doctor pulled out a big needle. He said, "DISMAY hurt a little."

4. OMELETTE - Every time I start a new job, OMELETTE go after a week.

5. STAIRWAY - When me and my homies get high, we STAIRWAY into space.

6. MOBILE - I went to buy crack, I was short on cash, my man said, "Gimme one MOBILE."

7. DEFENSE - I ran from the cops, and hopped DEFENSE and got away.

8. AFRO - I got so mad at my bitch, AFRO a lamp at her.

9. AFTERMATH - I like to be high in school, so AFTERMATH I go to the field and smoke weed.

10. LOCKET - I slam the door so hard, I LOCKET.

11. DOMINEERING - My girly's birthday was yesterday, I got her a DOMINEERING.

12. KENYA - I needed change fo the subway, so I axe a stranger KENYA spare some change.

13. DERANGE - DERANGE is where da deer and antelope play.

14. DATA - At my basketball game, I scored thirty points. My coach said, "DATA boy!"

15. COPULATE - I called 911 and an hour later when they show up, I said, "COPULATE!"

16. FASCINATE - My girly's titties are so big. Her shirt has ten buttons, she can only FASCINATE.

17. BEWARE - I asked the man at the unemployment office, "Is this BEWARE I get a job?"

18. DIMENSION - I be tall, dark, handsome and not DIMENSION hung like a horse.

19. COATROOM - The judge said, "One more outburst like that, and you'll be thrown out the COATROOM."

20. DECIDE - I like Wanda and Yolanda, but I like to have a couple of bitches on DECIDE.

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