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Tell us what YOU think!

09/15/2005 @ 21:42 Thanks for your reply. Thanks also for the gift of humor. Great stuff. Cheers, Matt

09/15/2005 @ 02:09 Great site, I love the random link. Please don't change, the site is way to good!

07/13/2005 @ 10:34 glad to support you. will tell loads of friends about the sight. keep up good work- please try and make jokes more easy to access

06/08/2005 @ 00:05 this is the best jokes site that i've ever been to.

06/02/2005 @ 23:17 great site!

02/08/2004 @ 22:51 Congratulations on your website. Very funny!

2/25/2004 @ 17:19 I Love this site- especially the Fun and funny things to do section- gives my friends some humor in the boring hellhole we call school. A Junior High Student

12/06/2003 @ 11:59 Hey there, I just wanted to send you a really zippy e-mail to say hey ya and to tell you that I think your website is well cool & I am always on there sending all my mates all the funny pictures & jokes... It is the best "funniest" website ever & I hope that you keep on filling it with really great new funny stuff. Thank you for making my day... (One of your biggest fans)

07/25/2003 @ 20:09 One of the BEST joke sites!!

04/17/2003 @ 17:02 I just love your site...but the blue on blue makes it hard on these old eyes to read. Great laughs for great health. Thanks!!!! Ann

04/15/2003 @ 18:27 Thank u alot. UR page is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

01/29/2003 @ 21:35 Just to let you know.......I LOVE your site... I have sent the "Ordering Pizza" joke to several friends..and I think I should be on the payroll LOL In the last 2 days, I've told at least 10 friends.....

09/24/2002 @ 8:10 The reason i wouldnt pay is because u can get this sort of humour at other sites for free if u charged...but because u dont charge, i dont mind adverts cos ur site is wicked!! :o)

09/09/2002 @ 23:22 i really think that you should have the viewed pages display a different colour from unviewed pages...that would make it alot easier to come here time and time again...otherwise keep up the good work...i hioe you read this, i can't find any contact info..except, wait, i just saw it...teehee

09/09/2002 @ 9:57 Here man do me a favour keep them commin coz i need somethin to keep me smilin at work! (Top Noch Kid, Keep it UP!!!!!!!)

08/27/2002 @ 13:59 Brian, I wouldn't mind a joke a day. Humor is what gets me through life. Thanks, Donna

07/28/2002 @ 16:03 My last day in a horrible job is this coming Wednesday ... after 15 years, I felt a need to leave one last message to my colleagues... I wanted to say thanks for linking me (to) the one I'm giving my boss... DEMOTIVATION: Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people. Thanks again!

07/23/2002 @ 17:35 I just read... GIVING YOUR CAT A PILL which had me (and apparently the cat-owner) in stitches. Keep up the good work! ---Fred

6/2/2002 @ 23:03 Hey!! I just wanted to say I thought you lists of annnoying things was hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing! Thanks!

5/31/2002 @ 14:22 thanks for a smile... FYI: loved the Latin "translations"!

5/28/2002 @ 18:38 I ended up here because I was looking for the Scout Campout story. I was Happy to Find the humor you have listed here is above average for cleverness and funniness for humor on the web. Plus you actually had a few things I've not found before.... {i.e. If the Airlines Sold Paint) As a former Airline employee I thought I have heard all airline humor but this was new to me. Any way Keepup the good work. I can't send money cuz I dont have any - Good Luck

2/23/2002 @ 21:06 I would like to know if I could post your disclaimer on my site. I think it is really funny, like everything else on your site.

2/23/2002 @ 15:28 Thank you Brian. I have already given you one referal. The courtroom histerics. That one had her ROF she said that she hadn't laughed that hard in ages. Evadently one of my friends has been to your site as I recieved that one last week and laughed so hard I almost had an accident. LOL LOL All I can say is keep up the good work and you'll be a big hit...

2/20/2002 @ 12:16 I personally want to thank you for this message. I would like to believe that all web sites are reliable and honest about their sites. I do enjoy receiving your humorous letters...

2/17/2002 @ 15:24 I Found Your Site By Accident, But I Have To Tell U I Am So Glad That I Did!! I LOVE A GOOD JOKE, & Have Visited Several Sites, But Found Most Of Them To Be The Same Or Similiar To All "The Rest". Please Keep Up The Great Work, I, For One Can Promise U That I Will Be Back, & Will Definitely Refer Some Of My Friends.. Thanks Again, Fran

1/24/2002 @ 19:28 thank you brian... i will be passing this site on to a few of my fun loving friends

12/29/2001 @ 21:33 I think this site is the best humor site I've ever been to! I like the fact that the nastyness and the lenght are put beside each one!

12/03/2001 @ 13:03 I think that your site has realy good jokes on it

11/16/2001 @ 23:14 I thought this was great!! It's so updated!!!

11/06/2001 @ 22:33 this site is so great, now i can actually have a topic of conversation about something interesting from the things i read here

9/22/2001 @ 17:22 I derive a great deal of pleasure from your web site and I highly reccommend it to others. Thank you.

9/16/2001 @ 21:35 I thank you as I am sure thousands are also doing because of your thoughtful letter and just for the record you do not have to apologize for having a caring heart.

9/15/2001 @ 16:31 Dear Brian... The non publishing of your great program was entirely appropriate as your readers were grieving just as you and your staff were.

8/23/2001 @ 21:22 the fun things to do is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should add some more

8/09/2001 @ 16:18 I have told all of my friends about this site!!

8/02/2001 @ 21:03 hey brian, the reason i left your mailing list is because i'm getting a new address soon. I'll sign back up. I love funehumor!! its hillarious! -Amanda

8/02/2001 @ 11:53 Thanx for your site, Brian. Have really enjoyed it... Tobi

7/28/2001 @ 18:13 that was the funniest story i have ever heard thanks for the laugh

7/24/2001 @ 15:06 this site is hilarious! i spend endless hours laughing my butt off here

7/23/2001 @ 22:23 this site it great! i've referred all my friends to it!

7/11/2001 @ 23:27 i really enjoy it. glad i made the error

6/27/2001 @ 09:36 Brian: Thank you so much for answering and I think I will look at your site again and get back on the list... since you are interested in what people think and want, I think your site will go far. Thanks again, Ann

6/12/2001 @ 11:05 I would like to send a small contribution, but I won't do it via the internet. Please send an address where I can send a check. Thank you....... (later that day).......Brian Thank you for getting back to me so quick. I really like your site a lot. It helps get through a stressing day at work and also at home. Keep up the good work.

6/04/2001 @ 17:24 Oh my God, I am sitting here at work peeing my pants.  My co workers think i am on crack.  I love the things to do in the bathroom.  To bad we have single bathrooms.  Next time im in a bar..... I will defiantly tell everyone with a sense of humor that I know.  I work at a comedy club on the weekends, so I am a tough critic. Good stuff.  Kerry

5/11/2001 @ 23:34 Your Welcome Brian!!! And I think my friends will really like this:)

5/11/2001 @ 17:29 This is the most organized humor site I have seen, most sites just put everything together, like pot luck, but you guys do a great job at organizing everything.

4/12/2001 @ 16:27 Happy Easter/Passover to you also, Brian....I love your site best of all the humor sites, and love your email updates too....every time I see one in my mailbox I start priming up the smiler! Never join a religion that has a water slide.

4/10/2001 @ 20:39 i like the "bush countdown" thing, cute

4/07/2001 @ 23:10 I really enjoy your Site!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of the best sites out there.

4/04/2001 @ 20:19 Like your site a lot! Good Job! matt.


3/30/2001 @ 14:40 I love this site. Send as many as you want.

3/14/2001 @ 19:06 I LUV UR SITE! omg! this is one of the funniest sites i have ever been on!! I hope you continue to add more stuff! this is awesome!

1/31/2001 @ 22:39 You have very good site, one of the better I'm subscribed to

1/17/2001 @ 23:22 I really like your site, especially the new jokes. Keep up the good work.

1/10/2001 @ 19:16 ....I know you put a lot of hard work into it....For that I wanted to say thankyou, ...for making such an awesome site. You rock.

1/10/2001 @ 19:16 Best humor site on the net!  Bar NONE! (and I look for humor sites, actively) Brian, you are also a warm and funny individual...don't change a thing about yourself. You're doing great!

This person also went on to say.... I can't go to work today, the voices say "Stay home and clean the guns."

1/10/2001 @ 17:44 Your site is a great site to go to be cheered up when you're down. Thank you for chance to visit and get jokes sent to me. Keep up the GREAT WORK..

1/10/2001 @ 17:42 I really enjoy getting jokes from your website. It's a great site and I share it with everyone I know. Keep up the good work.

12/14/2000 @ 16:50 Brian, I do soooo look forward to your emails with your goodies in them! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and that you get an extra big bagel this year! LOL!

12/06/2000 @ 20:57 I really like your site....its very organized and well done.........keep up the good work.... everything is easy to find

10/15/2000 @ 22:28 Lots of good stuff, however you would improve your sight with a search engine...

9/21/2000 @ 23:18 I really enjoy your site and appreciate all the time it takes to keep it updated.....

8/27/2000 @ 15:39 That '101 Ways to be Annoying' list was too funny. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. The funny thing about it is, I have done most of them! Great site!     -- Melissa

07/26/2000 @ 19:35 I must commend you on your fantastic Website...... Do keep up the good work.  It makes surfing and browsing a pleasure.

06/25/2000 @ 20:23 Thank you. I needed this today. You do a great job!!

06/19/2000 @ 20:36 Thanks, I really needed some good laughs today! :)

06/18/2000 @ 12:46 i think your site is kick-ass i never laught so much in my life Keep the cool stuff going

06/07/2000 @ 23:11 You remain my very favorite place to go for funnies! Thank YOU for maintaining such a great site!

05/16/2000 @ 01:31 send some whenever you up date. I just found your page, I'm new at this, but I think it's great - Lee W,

I think your site is cool, almost better than sex.

04/04/2000 @ 15:29 I visit your site once or twice a month. Needless to say, I get a kick out of it. Thanks for keeping it up.

03/26/2000 @ 13:48 I love the humor pages - es[ecially the male-female ones. What is the site address - I got to it through a search engine, and I ca't find an adress to bookmark and send to my friends. Thanks

03/11/2000 @ 22:14 hello i am not sure where it came from...but someone sent it to me. hope u will use it... by the way i really get a kick out of your website. thanks

01/03/2000 @ 14:37 I have spent hours here since last week. Keep up the good work!!

12/22/1999 @ 11:18 Greetings for a happy new year for you and your family!! Kanty who appreciates your web site.

12/06/1999 @ 8:56 Thank you so much. Tried the new format and it worked great.  I was able to send just the section or topic that I wanted.  Life is wonderful  again. Where are you at anyway?  May I send you things if I don't remember seeing that at your site before?  I love your stuff that you have and people really enjoy getting them also. Thank you, thank you.

11/29/1999 @ 17:23 Brian, just looking around your website after someone forwarded me the url on icq for the men's and women's TV remote lol!   You're quite the talented individual.....

11/29/1999 @ 11:10 Hi, I want to thank you for your site. My son is in jail awaiting trial on a very serious crime. I quickly ran out of things to write. Your humour has really helped keep his spirits up. I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. -- A Dad

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