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[an error occurred while processing this directive] New Element Discovered: Bushcronium
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Military Advice
[an error occurred while processing this directive] C.A.R.B. Free in 2004
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Resume of George W. Bush
[an error occurred while processing this directive] The Missing Iraqi Siblings
? Inspectors vs. Mothers
? It's all about sex with subordinates
? FAA profiling
? Alligators in the toilets warning
? First annual Kabul air show
? The Binch
? Come & listen to a story 'bout a man named Bush
? Gore   Fore
? Presidential Election Bumper Stickers
? God Overrules supreme court verdict
? Dr. Suess goes to Florida
? Revocation of independence
? Help sponsor a celebrity
? Florida to be excised from the USA
? The presedential chain letter for men
? Presedential debate Recap
? The F.B.I. orders some pizza
? Thank you for bouncing my check
? Government Bureaucracy
? Titanic video vs. Clinton video
? Famous Texas political quotes
? Los Alamos security procedures
? Name the new Clinton house
? Our congressman did what?
? Building Noah's Ark today
? Understanding politics
? New Tax Form
? The ant & the grasshopper
? Iraqi TV Guide
? Quayle-isms
? Election choices
? White House Mail
? Government fraud
? Q & A on HMOs
? Don't Impeach
? Presidential Ice Cream
? Green egg on his face
? Twas the night before crisis
? What Clinton should have said (new)
? What Clinton should have said
? Presidential Limericks
? Americans with no abilities Act
? Only in America
? A dam letter from the government
? Warranty on government official
? State mottos
? America vs. Russia
? Lost Lewinsky Diary
? Similarities between Nixon & Clinton
? A statement from Monica Lewinsky
? Failure to communicate
? White House Intern Application
? Dr. Suess goes to Washington
? Monica Lewinsky's Intern Performance Report
? Proof that our government is awake
? You're equipped to be a prostitute
? Top 15 names for MIR space station
? It's time to abandon your space station
? Heaven's Gate Nursery Rhyme
? Political periodic table
? Kennedy & Lincoln - true facts
? North pole scheduled for realignment
? New IRS Tax Law
? JFK assassination is no longer a mystery
? My dearest President Hussein
? The ultimate golf vacation
? Bill Clinton statue committee

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