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Archaeology - "This is where the Mayans got Fucked up."
Physics - "The bigger it is, the more you get Fucked up when it hits you." or "For every Fuck up, there is an equal and opposite Fuck up."
International Affairs - "Let's Fuck those people up!"
Chemistry - "Let's find new ways to Fuck people up."
Biology - "Have you seen Whales Fuck? It is Fucked up!"
Sociology - "And this is why we are all so Fucked up."
Anthropology - "We inherited our fucked-upness from the monkeys."
Gender Studies - "A male dominant society is what Fucked us up."
Philosophy - "What does it mean to be Fucked up?"
Education - "Class...can you say 'Fucked Up?'"
Economics - "We can only Fuck up so much before we run out of funding."
Communications - "This is a Docu-drama about me being Fucked up."
Art - "I was _seriously_ Fucked up when I drew this"
Theatre - "The blocking on this scene is All Fucked up." or "To Fuck or Not to Fuck...that is the Question."
Phys Ed - "Coach, were getting Fucked up out there!"
Foreign Language - "There are an lot of ways to say how Fucked up this is."
Music - "Ever heard Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring'? Damn it's Fucked up!"
Computer Science - "That's not a Fuck up, it's a feature."
History - "So that's how we got so Fucked up."
Religion - "If you are Fucked up, it is because you have sinned." or "God is watching, so don't Fuck up!"
Political Science - "Forget Fucked up! Let's Fuck Them Over!"
English - "Up was the direction in which I was Fucked."
Math - "This just doesn't Fucking add up!"
Engineering - "Oh great...NOW what has Fucked up?"
Pre-Law - "Did you know it was illegal to get Fucked up in Georgia?"
Pre-Med - "I have to spend how many Fucking years here!?"
Psychology - "Man! You are REALLY FUCKED UP!"

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