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...woman who flies plane upside down has hairy crackup

...he who sit on tall toilet is high on pot. like dog, put bone in hole. who go to sleep with sex problem on mind wake up with solution in hand.

...woman who marry cop kiss dick. who lay woman on ground get peace on earth.

...constipated mathematician can work it out with pencil..

...woman who sit on sailor's lap get honorable discharge with hand in pocket all day not crazy, just feeling nuts. who fishes in another woman's well, often catches crab.

...screw on bench better than nail on board.

...epileptic woman who give man blow job may bite the big one. who run through airport sideways is going to Bangkok. who lay on back during sex is bound to screw up.

...he who fight with wife all day get no peace at night with athletic fingers makes broad jump.

...boy with 1 hole in pocket feels cocky all day.

...boy with 2 holes in pocket leaves no stones unturned.

...rape impossible. woman with dress up runs faster than man with pants down.

...he who sleep in bed of nails is holy. not drink and park. accidents cause people.

...woman who boils cabbage and peas in same pot is unsanitary

...he who forget parachute may be jumping to conclusion

It is good for girl to meet boy in park, but better for boy to park meat in girl!

Man who jizz in cash register come into money.

Man who drop watch in toilet have shitty time.

Man who fart in church must sit in own pew.

Man who finger girl having period get caught red handed.

Man trapped in pantry have ass in jam.

Baseball wrong--man with four balls cannot walk.

Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.

Man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger.

Learn to masturbate--come in handy.

Woman who pounce on dead rooster go down on limp cock.

Man who buy drowned cat must pay for wet pussy.

Virgin like balloon--one prick, all gone.

Man who date flat-chested woman have right to feel low down.



A Bird In Hand Makes Hard To Blow Nose.
Before Become Master Fisherman, Must Be Master Baiter.
Better To Sleep With Chicken Than To Choke It.
Boy Who Go To Bed With Sex Problem, Wake Up With Solution In Hand.
Chemist Who Fall In Acid Get Absorbed In Work.
Child Conceived In Back Seat Of Car With Automatic Transmission, Grow Up To Be Shiftless Bastard.
Don't Try To Milk Bull!
Find Old Man In Dark, Not Hard!
Girl Laid In Tomb Soon Become Mummy.
Girl Who Douches With Vinegar, Walk Around With Sour Puss.
Girl Who Fly Upside Down Have Crack Up.
Girl Who Go To Bachelor Pad For Snack Get Tit-Bit.
Girl Who Is Wallflower At Party Is Dandelion In Bed.
Girl Who Marry Detective Must Kiss Dick.
Girl Who Slides Down Banister Nude Gets Splinters By Crackey!
Girl With Little Red Bike Peddle Ass All Over Town!
Go To Bed With Itchy Butt....Wake Up With Smelly Finger.
He Who Chases Car Will Get Exhausted.
He Who Crosses The Ocean Twice Without Washing Is A Dirty Double Crosser.
He Who Stick Head In Oven Gets Baked Bean
House Without Toilet Is Uncanny.
I Didn't Say That!
If You Park, Don't Drink, Accidents Cause People.
Is Good To Learn How To Masturbate, May Come In Handy!
Is Stuffy Inside Fortune Cookie.
It Takes Many Nails To Build Crib, But One Screw To Fill It.
Kotex Not Best Thing In World, But Next To It.
Man Who Jump Off Cliff Jumps To Conclusion!
Man And Mouse All Alike, Both End Up In Pussy.
Man Fly Upside Down Have Crack-Up!
Man Have More Hair On Chest Than Woman - But On The Whole Woman Have More.
Man That Have Sex With Hole In Ground Have Piece On Earth.
Man Who Bounce Woman On Bed Spring This Spring Have Offspring Next Spring.
Man Who Date Flat-Chested Woman Have Right To Feel Low-Down
Man Who Drive Like Hell Bound To Get There!
Man Who Eat Many Prunes, Sit On Toilet Many Moons.
Man Who Fall Through Screen Door Strain Himself
Man Who Farts In Church Sits In Own Pew.
Man Who Fights With Wife All Day, Gets No Piece At Night.
Man Who Jump Out Of Airplane Without Parachute Jump To Conclusion.
Man Who Keep Feet Firmly On Ground Have Trouble Putting On Pants!
Man Who Kisses Girls Behind, Get Cracks In Face.
Man Who Lay Woman On Hill Not On Level.
Man Who Lays Woman On Ground, Get Piece Of Earth.
Man Who Live In Glass House Get Dressed In Basement.
Man Who Lose Key To Lover's House Get No Newkey.
Man Who Masturbate Into Cash Register, Soon Come Into Money.
Man Who Meows Ate Pussy!
Man Who Pull Out Too Fast Leave Rubber.
Man Who Put Face In Punch Bowl Get Punch In Nose.
Man Who Put Foot In Mouth....Get Athlete's Tongue.
Man Who Put Head On Rail Road Track To Listen For Train Likely To End Up With Sudden Splitting Headache.
Man Who Puts Jock Strap On Backwards Gets All Balled Up!!
Man Who Runs Behind Car Gets Exhausted!
Man Who Screw Garbage Disposal Get Minced Meat!
Man Who Screws In Graveyard, F***S Near Dead!
Man Who Sink Into Woman's Arms Soon Have Arms In Woman's Sink.
Man Who Sit On Tack Get Point!
Man Who Smoke Pot Choke On Handle.
Man Who Snatches Kisses At Youth, Kisses Snatches When Old.
Man Who Stands On Toilet Seat Is High On Pot.
Man Who Sucks Nipples, Makes Clean Breast Of Things.
Man Who Tell One To Many Light Bulb Jokes Soon Burn Out!
Man With Athletic Fingers Make Broad Jump!
Man With Hand In Bush...Not Necessarily Trimming Shrubs.
Man With Hand In Pocket Is Having A Ball.
Man With Hands In Pocket, Not Always Looking For Change.
Man With Hands In Pockets Feels Foolish.
Man With Holes In Pockets Feels Cocky All Day.
Man With Kicked In Testicles, Left Holding Bag.
Man With No Legs Bums Around.
Many Men Smoke But Fu Manchu.
Never Raise Hands To Angry Child, It Leave Groin Exposed.
No Difference Between Man And Mouse - Both End Up In Pussy.
Not Know What To Say!
Nothing - Because He's Dead!
Passionate Kiss, Like Spider Web, Leads To Undoing Of Fly.
Place To Look For Helping Hand Is End Of Own Arm.
Put Rooster In Freezer Get A Stiff Cock.
Rape No Good, Woman Run Faster With Dress Up, Than Man Can With Pants Down.
Sailor Who Gets Discharged From Navy Leave Buddies Behind.
Secretary Becomes Permanent Fixture When Screwed On Desk.
Show Off Always Shown Up In Showdown.
That Man With Four Balls Cannot Walk!
Those Who Quote Me Are Fools.
Too Damn Much!
Virginity Like Balloon, One Prick, All Gone.
Wallflower At Party Is Dandelion In Bed.
War Doesn't Determine Who's Right, War Determines Who's Left.
When In Doubt, Whip It Out.
While Others Are Inside Sitting Down, You Will Be Outstanding.
Wife For Life Is Better Than Wife For Strife.
Woman Is Like Jazz Music, 3/4 Jazz Time And 1/4 Rag Time.
Woman Who Cooks Carrots And Pees In Same Pot Is Unsanitary.
Woman Who Fly Airplane Upside Down Have Hairy Crack Up !
Woman Who Go To Man's Apartment For Snack, May Get Tit Bit.
Woman Who Put Man In Doghouse...Usually Find Him In Cathouse...
Woman Who Shave Legs Too Far Up Have No Hair, By Cracky.
Woman Who Spends Too Much Time On Bedspring, May Get Offspring.
Woman Who Wear G-String, High On Crack!
Woman With Bleached Blonde Hair Have Black Hair By Cracky.
You Can Pick Your Friends, And You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can't Pick Your Friends Nose.

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