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"You get this one, next round is on me."

--- We won't be here long enough to get another round.

"I'll get this one, next one is on you."

--- Happy hour is about to drafts are a dollar, but by the next round they'll be $4.50 a pop.

"I haven't seen you around here for a long time."

--- You stuck up little bitch, too good for your old friends??

"Lets get out of here."

--- I just dumped a half a pitcher of beer into that Harley guy's helmet.

"Can I get a glass of white zinfindel." (female)

--- I'm easy.

"Can I get a glass of white zinfindel." (male)

--- I'm gay.

"Ever try a body shot?"

--- I am even willing to drink tequila if it means that I get to lick you.

"I don't feel well, let's go home." (female)

--- You are paying more attention to your friends than me.

"I don't feel well, lets go home." (male)

--- I'm horny.

"I've had like 10 beers already."

--- I've only had 3 but need an excuse to behave this way.

"Excuse Me." (male to male)

--- Get the fuck out of the way.

"Excuse Me." (male to female)

--- I am going to grope you now.

"Excuse Me." (female to male)

--- Don't even think about groping me, just get the fuck out of the way.

"Excuse Me." (female to female).

--- Move your fat ass. Who do you think you are anyway? You are not all that, missy, and don't think for one minute that you are. Coming in here dressing like a ho...Get your eyes off of my man, or I'll slap you, bitch, like the slut you are.

"That person looks really familiar."

--- Did I sleep with him/her?

"Can I just get a glass of water?" (female)

--- I'm annoying, but cute enough to get away with this.

"Can I just get a glass of water?" (male)

--- It's 6:00 am and I just stopped drinking 1/2 hour ago. Hell, I probably dropped half of my paycheck in here last night, it is the least you can do for me.

"I don't have my ID on me." (female)

--- I'm 19.

"I don't have my ID on me." (male)

--- I don't have a license since I got pulled over and blew a .4 after my last visit here.

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