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Howard Stern hosted Julie Cailini ('96 Playmate of the Year) and Stacey Sanchez ('97 Playmate of the Year) for a morning of sordid joviality. The ladies, who were promoting their latest calendars, answered ten questions from Howard, ostensibly to demonstrate how important it is for them *AS ROLE MODELS* for young women to stay up on current affairs. The ladies' answers were amusing (and a bit sad), but the bit did prove that you don't have to be a neurosurgeon to earn a pile of cash! Love him or hate him, you have to appreciate Howard's sense of the absurd.

Q: Who is the President of Russia?

Julie: "Gorbachev"

Stacey: "Gretzky"

(Correct answer: Boris Yeltsin)


Q: Define the meaning of NAACP.

Julie: "Something, something, for Certified Pianists"

Stacey: "It's some kind of police organization."

(Correct answer: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)


Q: Who was the inventor of the lightbulb?

Julie: "I know Edison invented the telephone, but I can't remember the lightbulb guy."

Stacey: "I don't know."

(Correct answer: Thomas A. Edison. Alexander Graham Bell was the phone guy!)


Q: Who is the Speaker of the House?

Julie: "Gore something-or-other."

Stacey: "Bill Clinton."

(Correct answer: Newt Gingrich. "Gore" is the U.S. Vice President, "Bill Clinton" is the U.S. President)


Q: Define the meaning of the letters CIA.

Julie: "I don't know."

Stacey: "Certified Investigation Association."

(Correct answer: Central Intelligence Agency)


Q: What is the center of our solar system?

Julie: "The Equator"

Stacey: "The Moon"

(Correct answer: The Sun)


Q: What do the initials "DK" stand for?

A: Both knew it was fashion designer "Donna Karan".


Q: What is "Cristal"?

A: Both knew it was champagne.


Q: What car company has a model known as a "911?"

A: Both knew it was Porsche.


Q: Whose face is on the (U.S.) $100 bill?

A: Both knew it was Ben Franklin.

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