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Fill in each blank with one choice:

I met her _____________(1) __________________(2);

I can still recall______________________(3)

1 on the highway in Sheboygan in the restroom at a truck stop in a treehouse
in a jail cell in a nightmare incognito while performing community service
2 in September at McDonalds ridin' shotgun wrestlin' gators all hunched over
poppin' uppers sort of pregnant lookin' sorta dead
3 that purple dress that flowered hat that burlap bra the hearing aid the neon sign
the boxer shorts the homemade prosthesis the orange thong and pink tube top

she wore; She was ______________(4) _____________________(5)

4 sobbin' at the toll booth drinkin' Coors Light crawlin' thru the sagebrush chewin' on a hangnail talkin' Cajun
weighted down with Twinkies breakin' out with acne smellin' kinda funny
5 in the twilight but I loved her near the off-ramp with her rattlesnake on her elbows
with Miss Piggy in her muu muu when she shot me

and I knew ______________(6); ______________(7)

6 no guy would ever love her more I'd never rate her more than a "4" I would have to listen to her snore I'd have to scrape her off the floor what strong deodorants were for
that she was just a filthy whore that I would upchuck on the floor it was a raven, nothing more
7 I promised her I knew deep down She asked me if I told her shrink The judge declared
A Klingon said My hound dog thought Her psychic friend said The blood test showed

I'd _____________(8) forever; She said to me ______________(9);

8 stay with her warp her mind swear off booze punch her out live off her mother
catch her rash salivate pick my nose hate her dog
9 our love would never die there was no other guy that Nixon didn't lie that Rolaids made her high she loved my one blue eye
she couldn't stand my tie she would unzip my fly my b.o. made her cry

But who'd have thought she'd ________________(10) ________________(11)

10 run off shoplift wind up boogie make it
black out bobsled grovel freak out
11 with my best friend in my Edsel on a surfboard on "Oprah" on my Workmate
with her cousin while in labor while playing Bingo in her beer

__________________ (12) goodbye.

12 You'd think at least that she'd have said I never had the chance to say She told her dumb friend Grace to say I now can kiss my credit cards I guess I was too drunk to say
I pushed her off the bridge and waved I watched her mascara run as she said She fell beneath the wheels of my truck and said Her brother's size 10 boot told me

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