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I got this from my Monkees e-mail list and had to pass it on to other music-loving friends. Even if you don't have a band obsession, I think we all know someone who does, so pass it on.

Do you have an obsession with a Rock Band?

How can you tell? Here's How:

1) You've emptied your bank account and used vacation time to follow a band on tour.

2) You've paid $100 or more to upgrade your concert seat from 10th row to 3rd just so the band can see your handmade signs and posters.

3) You've significantly enhanced parts of your anatomy while smuggling a camera into concerts, even though to date you've taken 11,982 photos of the band.

4)  You've worn hand-designed T-shirts to concerts because the commercial ones aren't unique enough.

5) Similarly, you've also worn 20-year-old vintage, faded concert shirts just because they're so cool.

6) You've noticed immediately when the lead singer changes the lyrics to one line of a song during a live performance.

7) You have pen-pals in foreign countries.

8) Tattoos. 'Nuff said.

9) When one of their songs plays in a restaurant or supermarket, you have to suppress the impulse to yell at everyone in the produce section, 'Hey!  Pay attention!'

10) You've set your alarm for 6 a.m. to record some obscure television appearance.

11) You own every recording they ever made or played on, even the one in which the bassist only provided a 5-second guitar riff for someone else.

12) On a similar note, you own several different versions of the same album or song, just because some miniscule detail is different.

13) When one of their songs comes on your car radio, you crank it up and sing at the top of your lungs, even though you already own 17 different versions of that song at home.

14) Friends and coworkers have begged you to get counseling.

15) When conversing with other fans, you refer to the band members by their first names *only*, as if talking about absent friends.

16) You've used lines from songs in everyday conversation, then snickered at your own cleverness. Especially effective when used in the company of other fans.

17) You celebrate the lead singer's birthday complete with cake and ice cream.

18) You've named pets after band members or song titles.

19) Your e-mail address has something to do with your favorite band.

20) You have a website devoted to your favorite band.

21) Your personalized license plate somehow incorporates the band.

22) You've bought clothes that looked like something the band members have worn.

23) You record every entertainment show that airs in your market every day "just in case" your favorite band is mentioned.

24) Your collection of video tapes in the garage has taken up more room than your car because you then "save" every clip that mentions them.

25) You threw away childhood toys and mementos to make room for your ever-expanding collection of band "stuff."

26) You own more CDs by your favorite band than by all other acts put together.

27) You own more photo albums of your favorite band than of people you actually know.

28) You named your first born son or daughter after a band member.

29) People in the electronics department wonder what planet you're from because a record turntable is a must for any new stereo system -- you not only know what vinyl is, but it's among your prized possessions.

30) You never actually play those records because they might get scratched.

31) Your "best friend" is a person who lives 1000 miles away but is the ONLY person who REALLY understands how you feel about the band and/or one certain member of the band.

32) Your other "best friend" (the one who lives in the same time zone) really thought you'd be over this by now.

33) You have ever traveled to a different state (or country) to see your favorite band.

34) You skipped class [or work] to go buy the new CD the minute it hit the store shelves.

35) You cried when your favorite band member got married.

36) You played one of their songs at your own wedding.

37) You played one of their songs at someone else's wedding.

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