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I had a fairly unusual evening when I last stopped for Burger King. My story appears directly below the following map. I've included the map so that you have a visual of what I was going through. If you ever have a chance to get to the Belleville, NJ area, make sure to stop by the Burger King in town. It truly is a unique experience.

Click on the map for a larger image before reading...

OK, so you're all wondering what the hell this whole Burger King story is all about, right? It happened like this.............

I was on my way into work a couple of nights back when I decided I was hungry. Having only worked in the Belleville, NJ area for less than 2 weeks, I wasn't really sure what was around. Since I was early for work anyway, I decided to scope out the area for a little while. All of a sudden, there it was, staring right at me.........the Belleville Burger King. Actually it's considered one of the Newark BKs, but it's "technically" in the Silver Lakes portion of Belleville. Anyway, that part is irrelevant. The important thing was that I had found food that was unhealthy, yet tasty, and I instantly got a craving for the #3 value meal. Moments later, as I was carrying on an unusually civilized conversation with the "talking billboard," I realized that something didin't feel quite right, though I hadn't a clue what could be wrong at this point; other than the fact that the gentleman taking my order was unusually polite & civilized. Even after placing my order and proceeding on to the pick-up window, I still felt as though something wasn't right. I only realized what it was that was so terribly wrong as I was rolling down the PASSENGER-SIDE window of the car to receive my dinner from the man in the ugly reddish-colored uniform. That's right, I was rolling down the PASSENGER-SIDE window. Go ahead..................look at the picture above................I'll wait....................Anyway, it was the most bizarre thing I'd seen in a looooong time; maybe ever! Well, not only was I tired & extremely hungry at this point, but now I was thoroughly confused as well. I mean, if I wanted my food, I was going to have to reach all the way across the car to get it, and for some odd reason, that didn't seem right to me. OK, so the cashier opened up his window and informed me that they were waiting on my burger and that it would just be a minute or two longer. There was my chance to ask what the hell was going on. So I said, "Excuse me sir, but are you guys still running that Have It Your Way thing?" When he said yes I told him that the next time I come by I want the pick-up window to be on the correct side of my automobile. He chuckled, so I continued to pour it on thicker than Aunt Jemima's. "I mean, what the hell? Was the guy who designed the building from England or are you folks just trying to appease the disgruntled postal worker population?" Now I had him laughing pretty good, and the other guy actually had to come over to take my money and give me my food. The whole situation was crazy enough, but it was about to get even better. There I was, tired, hungry and very confused, and I felt like I should have been paying AT&T 13 cents a minute for long-distance rates we were so far away from each other. That's when the guy reached out and touched someone. It was my turn to laugh uncontrolably. They actually had a wire basket with a 6 foot pole attached to it so they could "feed" your food into the driver-side area of your car. No joke! I had NEVER seen anything quite like this. It turns out that they didn't originally have a drive-thru at this BK location, and they only added it in recent years. I suppose it was too difficult to make the line go counter-clockwise around the building??!!??!!

So I've decided, the next time (and every time after) that I visit this fine eating establishment, I'm "backing" through the drive-thru line.........................

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