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It all started (or ended, if you will) with a court case. The question: is the shooter guilty of murder? This gentleman had shot another man, and was on trial for murder. However, it seems that the shooter had discharged his gun out his apartment window just as the soon-to-be-dead body fell past the window. Huh, you say? It seems the victim had attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building. As he passed the accused's floor, a shotgun blast came through the window and struck the falling man in the head, killing him instantly. His body then landed in a safety net strung by window washers. Investigators surmised that he would not have died had he not been shot! Complicated, no? Wait, it gets worse...
Supposedly, the shooter did not know the gun was loaded. He and his wife were having an argument, and he took the gun out to threaten his wife. The gun accidentally fired, and shot the plunging body. But, if the shooter is to be believed, how did the bullet get in the gun? The most recent fingerprint on the gun came from the man's son. Forensics reports showed that the gun had not been loaded for a very long time before that. So, is the son guilty for the father's actions? Don't answer that question...
It seems that the son had major gambling debts, and needed money to pay up. The parents had refused to give their deadbeat son any money. The son knew his dad frequently fought his mom and threatened her with the gun. He figured he would get the money if she was shot, and the dad was sent to jail. So the son loaded the gun. So, again, who was responsible for shooting the body, the son, or the dad? But wait, there is more. We know, it's like a bad made-for-TV movie, but it's an Urban Legend and we must do our duty. The son had loaded the gun, but no fights occured for some time. The debtors started putting heavy pressure on the son, and he was getting desperate. He began to think his scheme was not going to work, and he began to get depressed. In his depression he decided to kill himself. He went up to the roof of his parents apartment building, and jumped off -- and was shot by his dad's gun as he fell past his dad's window.

So, the official ruling on the son's death was suicide...from a gunshot wound inflicted by jumping from a great height.

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